Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today the kids and I had the opportunity to visit an Alaskan Homestead equipped with horses, chickens, rabbits, baby goats, and turkeys! The above turkey was named Tom and he proved to be an enthusiastic host as he followed us around the farm fluffing his plumage and gobbling away. At first the kids were a bit unsure of this large and flamboyant bird, but by the end he had won all of us over. The highlight of the trip however, were the two baby goats. I'm pretty sure watching babys pet baby goats  may be the sweetest thing there is! I suppose Elsa Elsa agrees only somewhat because on the way home she proclaimed that "the baby goats were the cutest animals-but not quite as cute as the baby otter."

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ocean Adventures!

The family had the opportunity to head across the Bay this weekend to spend some time with friends in Halibut Cove. Liam enjoyed his first trip on a Commercial Fishing Vessel, but probably not his last if he grows up around here- though I should say that Elsa would most likely be the one hired on this particular female owned and run operation! The weekend was filled with good food, saunas and kayaking. It appears that we better invest in some double boats here soon...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy First Birthday Liam!

Happy Birthday to you sweet Liam! Thank you for filling our days with endless smiles and cheer!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Adventures!

It was a balmy morning when we awoke, the temperatures finally reaching the mid thirty's after a frigid last few weeks. Once we filled our bellies with pancakes, we headed to the beach. Somewhere along sandcastle number 3, we got a call about..... 

A BABY SEA OTTER RESCUE!!! We raced down to the harbor where the boat arrived with a three day old pup who was found orphaned on a beach across the bay. The local sea otter rehabilitation expert walked us through the pup rescue process, while letting the girls pet her. We all felt pretty lucky to share in such a unique experience!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter in Alaska

Since the big 3year birthday was a little less exciting than expected, we decided to go big for Easter! Starting on Saturday we had friends over for easter egg decorating, it was fun to see how creative the girls got with dye, paint and of course glitter! Elsa was excited for the big hunt on Easter morning, and was gracious enough to share some of her findings with Liam (minus the chocolate of course!)




Happy Birthday Elsa!

Someone turned three this week! Unfortunately she had a bit of a stomach bug, and requested that she "take a pause on her birthday until I feel better".  We had to be somewhat festive though, so instead of the requested spaghetti and mooseballs for dinner, followed by a "giant strawberry cake" Elsa settled for a more mild meal of mini pancakes with candles on top. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up!

Sorry for the six month hiatus! A healthy mix of slow computer, and two kids seemed to have put me back a bit...Now that we have a bit more light, and a new operating system, I should be a bit more consistant (hopefully).  So without further adieu, here's a recap of the last few months!

One needs a lot of nutrients to gear up for winter around these parts!

Come wind, snow, snow or snow we will brave the outdoors most each and everyday!

Though some days, we like to just stay in our jammies

but if we stay inside too much we go a little stir crazy

and start drooling.

Good thing Homer has an array of community activities. this year Elsa's favorite was the Nutcracker, I think she has donned a tutu at some point each day since!

Luckily she also enjoys scaling giant icebergs!

The best part of this winter has been watching these two grow and play!

It was also lovely to get the opportunity to spend time with our Oregon family over the holidays!

Slowly the light has been coming back to the Great Northland, giving us even more time to enjoy the snow

and the beach,

and the snow,

and the snow, 
and good friends, 

and of course each other!

Sending our love!